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Deep to Deep, June 2011


Deep to Deep logoAfter a relatively long break, I finally have another Deep to Deep event to announce. The next gathering will be hosted by Steve Meacham at Battisford Free Church, near Stowmarket in Suffolk on Saturday 18 June.

I am now in the process of putting the word out to my contacts and getting some semblance of a programme planned; while Deep to Deep is always a relaxed affair, it helps to have a few ideas in place to get the most out of the day. If you have something to share, then I definitely want to hear from you!

A gathering of bassists from an earlier event

The line-up from Deep to Deep, June 2007

However, even if you don’t feel ready to lead a session, you are still welcome if Christian faith and bass playing form a harmonious union somewhere in your life. More information can be found on the page linked above and it will be useful to have an idea of numbers and what people would be interested in as well as what they might want to contribute.


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