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Keble’s Dining Hall


Keble College Dining Hall

Keble College Dining Hall (cc) Robert Hextall

Saturday’s gig at Keble College was interesting.We were positioned in the “minstrels’ gallery”, towards the top right of the photo (not one of my images but available via a Creative Commons licence on Flickr). That posed two challenges:

  1. The gallery is long and narrow so we were spread out in a line rather than clustered together
  2. With the din of the diners reverberating round the room, I could barely hear the drums and guitar!

That made it a challenge to listen to each other but I think we still delivered a reasonable performance. The dining room staff were heard to be humming our closing tune, Watermelon Man, while we were clearing up, which was a good sign.

The diners were members of the Ramblers Association and, during the after-dinner speeches, I had a good opportunity to study the decor of the hall, including the wonderful ceiling. Individually, each feature was not exquisitely finished, being clearly the result of neat hand painting. However, taken together, the repetition of numerous pattern sequences, enhanced by tiny subtleties of colour differences, looks amazing.

All in all, although not as musically satisfying as the rehearsals because of the challenges of the situation, a worthwhile evening out which I will be glad to remember.

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