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Grounds for Your Garden


As far as evil, corporate money-grabbing entities go, Starbucks manages to be pretty benign. The chances are that as soon as I’ve posted this, and get round to seeing what other people have been saying about the company recently, I’ll be shocked to read about all sorts of wicked activities but at the moment they’re in my good books: decent coffee, a level of care expressed for those who grow that coffee and excellent environments to sit back, relax and spend time with friends.

One thing I discovered recently is their Grounds for Your Garden campaign. Rather than throwing out the old grounds, they offer them for free to be used in people’s gardens. As a keen and organic gardener, this appeals to me; these little things help with selfsufficient-ish living in an urban setting.

I also have to admit that I’m not entirely set against the elements of global homogenisation they bring by their presence in so many countries. On our recent trip to Sevilla, Jane and I were glad to take occasional refuge within the sanctuary of St. Arbuck’s where, as well as being able to get coffee that came in greater volumes than a rich slick at the bottom of a tiny cup, we rested in the meeting place between foreign culture and the familiar. Most welcome!

[ps. Jake – I tried the address you scribbled on that napkin but it bounced back… if you’re reading this, you should be able to find enough clues to drop me a line!]

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