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Deep to Deep – April 2006 Report


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Yesterday’s Deep to Deep event at Boyn Hill Baptist Church went very well. Seven of us – myself, Andy, Andrew, Eddy, Les, John and Steve – met together and passed the day making music, learning about each other’s equipment and talking about things we’ve learned and the various playing situations we find ourselves in.

It was the first time we’ve had a double bass represented at one of our gatherings and we appreciated hearing the story of how Andrew acquired it, restored it and learned to play it (as well as enjoying his demonstrations). He’s tall enough to make the instrument look almost reasonable in size, although my photo probably exaggerates that just a little! Click on the picture to view other images from the day.

Andy had prepared some charts for us so we also did some work in small groups on his arrangement of Be Thou My Vision, although with plenty of latitude for making it our own. That’s just as well as, in true bass player fashion, I scrubbed out most of the chords he’d written!

Details of the next opportunity are yet to be confirmed. However, you can watch for information by looking at the deep2deep tag on my del.icio.us account (which gives the option of subscribing to an RSS feed) or contact me if you want to be added to the mailing list.

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