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Link to Flickr set

I first signed up to Flickr on 1 August 2005 (and blogged about it the day after). I stumbled across the service after looking for some way to make my series of postings about walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in July a bit more visible on the net (for which Technorati turned up as a solution).

At the time, I’d just finished uploading all of my pictures from the walk to a gallery on my website. Had I known then what I know now, I’d probably just have put all the pictures on Flickr: it would have been quicker and also created a pathway for exploring other people’s visual journies along the route and perspectives on places I’d seen.

I’m now gearing up for a return visit at the end of July and have uploaded all my camino pictures – click on the view from O’Cebriero to see them as a set. You can then use features of Flickr, like the slideshow view; I’ve done it because I’m turning my thinking back towards that walk and starting to travel it again in my mind in preparation. If anybody is interested in joining me – mentally or physically – let me know!

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