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The Wheat and the Weeds


I’m not a complete novice when it comes to preaching in church but yesterday was a double first: the first time I’ve done this at Thorpe Acre Church and the first time I’ve preached via the medium of video. You can find my slot partway into yesterday morning’s online service:

Sunday Service

My theme was the parable of the wheat and weeds (or ‘wheat and tares’) from Matthew 13, from which I drew out themes of confidence (God will judge rightly) and patience (God will do this at the right time).

The video format suits me well as I have a lot of scope to illustrate my talk. For example with the opening slide above, which shows a field in nearby Woodhouse Eaves where you can see wheat growing and – if you look closely – weeds growing among it. It is important that the message doesn’t become merely the medium so, although I did take a special trip out to get this photograph and one or two others I used, I also put time into contemplating the passage and seeking God on what to bring out.

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