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Farewell to the Meadow


Jane and I aren’t big fans of keeping a lawn; it seems like a waste of a garden and we’d rather give space to plants other than short cut grass. However, a rental home isn’t the place to indulge in significant landscaping and planting so we’ve had reasonably large front and back lawns to enjoy so far this year.

For us, that involved some mowing but also leaving areas unmown and we were rewarded (and surprised) by the rich variety of plants that sprang up (a few of which I’ve blogged about already). We’ve got the new house, which comes with a great garden and very minimal lawn, so it was time today to start mowing again in the rental place.

It’s sad to see it go. I’ll admit that it looks quite neat but not nearly as rich. For now, we’ve left a few patches long so the bees will still have something to feed on. Keep an eye on my Flickr account and you might see some of the pre-mowing photos I took to remember our little meadow by.

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