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Chinese style pork belly


It is quite a while since I last cooked Chinese style pork belly. I remembered the basics, like leave the meat uncovered in the fridge for a while after applying a rub of spices (chilli, all spice, sugar, salt, mustard seeds and peppercorns, ground together today) and cooking it on a rack over a tray of water (careful not to slop that around too much!) but not the timing. This video was very helpful:

Pork Belly

Maybe her piece was thinner than mine but the timings were optimistic. I think I had to give it more like 40 minutes at 200°C and then a bit of time at 220°C before ramping up to 250°C for finishing. Fortunately, my accompaniments (lettuce in thin miso soup and rice) were forgiving on the timing front. Very tasty!

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