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Bleary Eyed


No, I haven’t given up blogging for Lent. It is still just late nights I have given up. Having said that, I am still bleary-eyed this morning. Last night was my weekly “night of grace”, where I allow myself a late night in the same way that for a more common Lenten discipline, you officially get Sundays off.

By the time I cycled back home after a meal shared with some guys in my church, it was getting on for eleven pm so Jane and I decided to consume some online media. I fancied listening to an episode of Mark Thomas’s Manifesto but that didn’t appeal to Jane. We went through the negotiation dance, alternately rejecting each other’s suggestions until we landed on a programme we didn’t know. Blue Murder is a series about a police murder investigation squad based in Manchester which aired on ITV from 2003 – 2009 but it was a new discovery for us.

The three episodes on the ITV Player were excellent and I am keen to see more. They combined likeable characters, believably human but not too screwed up, with satisfying plots, with enough clues to guess the ending correctly but not from too early on in the episode. However, as you may have  deduced from the combination of “new discovery for us” and “three episodes”, it turned into rather a late night! God’s grace is unlimited but I don’t think I will stretch my freedom quite so far every week.

Anyway, an early night is called for tonight!

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