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Picking My Way Down the Path


We still have not started planting seeds for this year’s growing but we have been doing some ground work this weekend. One of the projects is expanding one of our beds by removing part of the path that runs alongside it. There used to be a straight concrete path running down the centre of the garden and we have taken away part of it with more earmarked for removal as we introduce more naturalistic lines of movement.

I thought the tool I needed was a sledgehammer as my five pound hammer and brick bolster really weren’t cutting it (or at least not fast enough). We asked the neighbours and they didn’t have a sledgehammer but they did have a pickaxe. It turns out that this is perfect for the job. The combination of momentum for swinging and the small area of the point result in a powerful blow that erodes the concrete quite quickly and, as cracks open up, the pickaxe also makes it easy to break off larger chunks.

It does feel like working on a chain gang and I can’t do it too long without my arms weakening but I have made a lot of progress and probably only need one more session to carve out the area to proceed with our plans.

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