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A Quiet Few Weeks?


Judging by the number of people whose most recent post on Facebook was “I’m giving up Facebook for Lent”, it should be a quiet few weeks online until Easter. We’ll see.

For myself, I think I might do my “taking up early nights” again. The rules are lights out by 10:30pm and one exception allowed per week (with a little wiggle room when sharing time with other people makes it difficult to hit that every night). I certainly feel like I could do with an early night tonight.

BTW, for those who are giving up Facebook and other petty addictions, remember that the six weeks from Ash Wednesday (today) to Easter Saturday doesn’t include Sundays, which gives a result of 40 days, a symbolic number that occurs several times in the Bible. I wonder if the “giving up Facebook” crowd will feel inclined to pop back there on their days of grace and celebration?

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