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Today’s Pancake Recipe


My normal pancake recipe has been 1 egg, 2oz of plain flour and 5 fl oz milk. “One, two, five of E, F, M” is fairly easy to remember. The problem is that I’m much more used to working in metric measurements and, anyway, how many ounces is an egg?

Since today is Shrove Tuesday (AKA Pancake Day!) I decided to experiment. The proportions I used were 1 large egg (which came to about 50g), an equal amount of plain flour and double the amount of milk. That gives me “one to one to two of E, F, M”. That is just as easy to remember although I did also add in a small amount of baking powder and a pinch of salt. I used about 1tsp of baking powder, which is 5g or 10% of the amount of flour; the salt was a nominal amount and not measured: “1B:5E:5F:10M”.

The result was a reasonably thin pancake that had a bit of body thanks to the action of the baking powder without become too thick to roll up. To be truly scientific I ought to experiment with all sorts of permutations but I am happy enough with the result (and don’t want to see my waistline expand too much) so I shall stick with that for now.

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