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As well as posting something to my blog most days, I also keep up to date with numerous other blogs and information feeds. I’ve settled on using Google Reader, which is just as well as most of the competition seems to have withered away. It is very functional but it can seem ugly. Enter Feedly: not a new place to keep up to date with your feeds but a new interface layer on top of Reader.

I have been using Feedly for two or three months now and am generally very impressed with it. It took a little while to learn the interface but it generally works well. I particularly like the way you can select different types of display for different types of information; I see pictures from my Flickr contacts as a wall of thumbnails but news from the Oxford Mail (who are not very generous with the amount of information they put in their feed) uses a more prosaic list of headines and summary sentences.

What is not to like? I do find that the site is broken from time to time and also that bits of the interface sometimes change without warning. However, given that I can always fall back on Google Reader and the list of what is waiting for me to read is synchronised between the two. It is like having the choice between a cheap newspaper and a glossy magazine which magically have the same content. If you use Google Reader it is definitely worth taking a look at Feedly.


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