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Medium Dead by Chris Dolley


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Medium Dead

How do you categorise a book like this? It has crime, action and horror but I think I would expect to see it on the humour shelves. Perhaps weak humour, although categorisation systems tend not to be that specific. The story concerns Brenda, who has recently been living with the ability to communicate with the dead (a gift that appeared after a traumatic divorce) and Brian, a self-styled demonic crime fighter who has decided that she will be perfect as a new assistant.
The plot ticks along with the requisite combination of bright ideas and bravery from the heroes along with points at which their enemies come up with ways to thwart their powers. Chewing it over, I felt that the story amount to little more than a sugary froth. Let me give an example of the writing with a quote from about half-way through the book:

“But Brenda was a crime fighter and crime fighters had to grab hold of black flaky things now and then. It was in their job description”

The book is written for entertainment rather than to explore serious themes; the literary styles, while largely competent, tends to drag along at times rather than soaring on the wings of language. The ending cries out for a sequel but I doubt I will be tempted by a follow-up in the series. One to try a sample of first before committing more time to it: 2 / 5.

13 July, 2011 by Wulf Forrester-BarkerBook Review

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