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Beer Injection


Following some reading of online forums, I have discovered that a syringe is a very useful tool in serving beer. My first brew is somewhat over-carbonated so you have to be careful how you pour it. Lots of foam, but it is coarse and does not last very long. If I take a syringe, pull up a tiny amount of beer and then inject it back into the glass at high speed, it creates a much finer and longer lasting head, similar to a pub pint.

Here is a video demonstration that I pulled together last night (a chance to explore the video camera function of my new phone):

You will notice that the froth rises very quickly with the syringe injection and that I lose some of the beer (that is why I filmed it in the sink!). If I have the time, I can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the beer by stirring and letting settle a few times, which makes the injected expansion less explosive. I am hoping that my second batch — ready to drink tomorrow — will be less gassy as I applied a lot less priming sugar. Ideally it will pour quite flat and then I can use the syringe straight away if I want a foamy head to finish it.

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