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Bloomin’ June

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Our back garden at the start of June, viewed from an upstairs window.

Looking Down on the Garden

Here is a view of our garden, taken last week. If you take a look on Flickr, I have created a new set called Looking Down on the Garden where you can see a series of shots looking down from a small selection of upstairs vantage points, thus giving an idea of progress.

Compared to the previous view (mid-April) the centre bed is now burgeoning with foliage and flowers. A particular star of the show is the Phacelia tanacetifolia (lilac flowers, next to the bird feeder), originally just sown as a green manure but a beautiful (and bee-friendly) plant in its own right.

The view changes almost daily. This week the sweet peas are flowering more strongly and our sunflowers are beginning to reach up and open between the Phacelia and the polytunnel.

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