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Frustrations of Falling Back


Just over a week ago, I mentioned that I quite enjoy falling back into the annual autumn clock change. However, it is not without its frustrations.

The prime one for me is that I now don’t finish work until after dark, limiting how much I can get out in the garden to attend to things. I can of course get up earlier and head outside before work. Technically, dawn is breaking a little after 7am (7:08am today and about two minutes later with each succeeding day, according to the Time and Date website) but that means getting cold, wet and muddy to start the day; not an impossible hardship but, taking into account the time to clean up, another big limitation.

This morning, I think I will see if I can do a little bit of non-muddy pottering in the polytunnel, planting out some of the new lettuce seedlings. Roll on the weekend and, hopefully, some workable weather to accompany it!

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