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Plenty of Trees


A big part of our plans for the gardens at our new house is getting some trees to add vertical interest. With the polytunnel almost finished and a few days off work next week, I decided to put orders into a couple of places so that the plants would turn up before the end of my holiday ready to go into the places prepared this weekend.

Of course, it turns out that both companies pride themselves of exceeding their delivery estimates and everything arrived yesterday! We now have four fairly large trees, a smaller fig (for which I bought a pot last week — that one will be easy) and three specimens of Chaenomeles x superba ‘Crimson and Gold’ (a cross between Japanese and Chinese “flowering quince” bushes) waiting to go in. That means the next couple of days will be a blur of creating space (including taking cuttings where we have to pull existing plants out but want to keep them in stock), digging holes and planting.

Better than waiting? Probably, but ask me after the weekend!

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