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Setting Up a Second WP Blog


Setting up this blog was relative straightforward. The initial stage was clicking a button in the control panel provided by my web host (Blackfoot) and then it was just a case of tinkering to get things looking the way I wanted and figuring out how to import all the posts from my old blog. I am enjoying the integrated environment for managing my blog and everything is running smoothly.

The website for my church, St Clement’s, is looking rather old (not updated since well before the point where I stumbled across it and decided on a visit) and I have long been meaning to offer to help improve it. Fired up with the possiblities of WordPress as a site management tool, I volunteered last weekend and got round to making a second install of WordPress a couple of days ago.

However, this time it was not quite so smooth and, on trying to log in, I was greeted with the message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. Hmnnn. Browsing through the WP documentation did not give any clues so I resorted to searching the web and came up with information from ESDeveloped which referred me onto Beconfused. They suggested the clue was a couple of characters awry in one or two table entries. Sure enough, after editing wp_capabilities in the _usermeta table and wp_user_roles in _options table to use the new prefix I had selected, everything was working again.

Thanks for both of those sites, which have enabled me to pass the first hurdle in my site development plans.

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