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Wine Review – Rondinella Pinot Grigio Rosé


Last night’s gig went well. Meanwhile, here is a wine review that has been waiting for a few days, of a bottle I picked up Marks and Spencer

Rondinella Pinot Grigio Rosé (La Prendina Estate 2006)

29 February 2008 by Wulf Forrester-Barker

Rating: 4 / 5 (see scale

Having discovered through some earlier tasting that my previous impression of pinot grigio wines as pleasant but unremarkable was partly to blame on my habit of picking from the bottom end of the price range, I decided to use some Marks and Spencer vouchers I was given for Christmas to sample a few more. The first I have tried is this rosé variety from the Prendina Estate in Italy.

It had a similar coppery appearance to the previous rosé I enjoyed and, as with that one, I did not find it particularly aromatic. Served moderately warm, the taste was a deliciously rich caramel. Set against an overall freshness, this was not cloying and went down very well.

Served straight from the fridge, I still found it refreshing but the taste was definitely subordinate to the sensation; I prefer it a little warmer to enjoy the flavour of the grape. A good choice and one I would gladly return to, especially as a drink for summer evenings.


Marks and Spencer say:

A delightfully elegant and fruity rosé wine with an enticing aroma of strawberries and cream, a fresh raspberry flavour and crisp finish.

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