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Dining Last Night, Playing Tonight


Firstly, thanks to those who joined me for a curry last night. Tom, who I know from the Churchbass was over from the US to do some work so, with some other list members, we took an evening to catch up. I am looking forward to another chance to meet with fellow Christian bassists at the forthcoming Deep to Deep at the end of April.

Secondly, a quick note that I’m gigging again tonight with The Pico Brown Five at the Ramjam Club in Kingston. There is a support band starting at about 8pm and the ‘Five will hit the stage round about 9pm (£3 entry). We will have a slightly different line-up tonight because Keith (drums) and Jackie (vocals) can’t make it but that helps keep things fresh; Pico, Tom and I (keys, sax and bass) will be joined by Fabio (drums) – the same combination we played in at the end of December, so I am anticipating another great evening out.

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