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Remembering Burma


It was not very long ago that Burma (or Myanamar as it now officially likes to be known) was a lead story in British newspapers, with peacefully protesting monks standing against and eventually being brutally repressed by the military regime.

That nation has not been front page news for a while now in the UK but continues to be a troubled place. The latest news I have picked up (thanks Rob) is that Padoh Mahn Sha, who was General Secretary of the Karen National Union (the Karen are an indigenous people group against whom the Burmese military have committed numerous crimes of an “ethnic cleansing” nature) was assassinated last Thursday.

More details are on Rob’s page (linked above). Meanwhile, for both those surfing the web for the Burmese military and those who stand bravely for freedom in that country, you are not alone and you are not forgotten.

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