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Joe Jackson (and band)


Joe Jackson would get a higher rating in my personal top of the pops, introduced yesterday, if songs credited to him and those credited to him and his band were merged together but he is in there and that should be enough.

I first came across him back at school, when Neil Luckett brought Different for Girls to the table for the rock covers group we were playing in (The P’tang Yang Kipper Band). It was certainly different to the Deep Purple and AC/DC that made up our core set but worked brilliantly and led me to track down more of Jackson’s work.

Over the years, I have collected several of his albums and discovered plenty more songs that I have appreciated and enjoyed. His book, A Cure for Gravity is also highly recommended as one of the better “rock autobiographies” that I have read.

So, in at number five, Mr Joe Jackson (and his marvellous band).

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