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I was speaking at church yesterday morning on the theme of “music and worship”, part of a short series on the wider theme of worship. If you are interested, it should be available shortly in the online sermon archive, complete with the sound samples I shared and a few snippets of bass playing to demonstrate different aspects of music.

One question I always used to find very difficult to answer was “what music do you like?”. I could give a general reply but, because I view my tastes as quite eclectic, it was a struggle to pin it down further.

However, for some time now I have kept an online diary of almost everything I listen to. Since September 2005, most tracks I have listened to on a computer has also been “scrobbled” to my profile on last.fm.

With over 5,000 tracks counted since then, I now am starting to get a reasonably accurate picture of who I have been listening to so, while I think of it, I will take the next few days to introduce you to a few of my favourite artists.

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