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I would highly recommend MyBlogLog as a site for anyone who blogs. You can pay for detailed statistics but the free account is enough to get a sense of what areas are popular. For each of the last seven days you can see the top ten ways people have come to your blog, the top ten entries and the top ten places they visited afterwards.

One search that comes up in the list of entry points to this blog almost every day is some combination of Brenton Brown (a Christian songwriter), Everlasting God (an album I reviewed for Worship Released) and guitar chords.

I imagine that is people looking to play along with the songs on the album. If that is you, then, firstly, welcome to my web-den and, secondly, check the inlay card to the album where you will find all the chords helpfully written in above the lyrics. I have not checked them all but the chords were certainly accurate for “Hosanna (Praise is Rising)”, which is the song from the album that I have introduced to my church’s repertoire.

Happy strumming!

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