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Cow Farts Threaten Humanity


I was digging back through my blogfodder clippings and discovered a story from early December which I had saved as Cow Farts Threaten Humanity. The original article, from the Independent website, was more sedately entitled Cow ’emissions’ more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars but it was interesting reading all the same.

Out in my garden, a lot of things have been showing signs of life earlier than expected. For example, I am regularly having to monitor the dogwood for budding, at which point needs to be cut down to a stump so that I have fresh red branches showing next winter (and to keep it down to size) – if I just leave it until mid-March as I normally do, I may find it has grown too far by then.

Global warming? Cow, erm, emissions? I think I will have to savour the roast beef I eat and not choose it too often; perhaps the same is also true of dairy products! Beef is something I don’t eat that often but milk… hmmnnn, that might be more challenging.

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