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Review: Irwin’s Brown Soda Bread


Irwin’s Brown Soda Bread

Reviewed by Wulf Forrester-Barker on 19 February 2007

Rating: 1 / 5

On Sunday morning we normally have a slice or two of grainy bread, perhaps with a thin spread of some kind to enhance the flavour. It was Saturday night and we were at the supermarket after a day of DIY at church and decorating at home, so I decided that we would look for something to buy rather than relying on the bread machine at home.

I had ciabatta in mind, which is delicious to eat but a horribly runny dough to work with, when I saw a packet of Irish brown soda bread in Irwin’s Rankin Selection range. Alas, I have to say that I wish I had stuck with the ciabatta idea.

The bread was dry and relatively tasteless. It did not put me off soda bread for life but I do not intend to buy this brand again. I think I have been spoilt by the generally good standard of the results from my home baking; this bread, for all its credentials as a “Paul Rankin Signature Range” product did not impress me at all.

On reflection, it is exactly what I should have expected from a packet of pre-sliced bread with a selection of additives that never go near my bread machine. I think it will be back to home-made bread next week, even if it does take more planning in advance.

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