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Bark and Lichen – Monochrome


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Do you remember the image I chose as my favourite picture of 2007? Here it is again, drained of colour but not of interest.

The latest assignment over on the Digital Photography School website is to post pictures in black and white, either taken on the camera or (because it is the digital photography school) done in post-processing on the computer. I wanted to contribute and this image came to mind.

Click on the picture to read the notes I posted to Flickr about how I achieved the effect; it was a little more involved than just clicking a button saying “make me monochrome”!

I still prefer the original image because I think the colours were well-balanced and the lichen stands out more clearly. However, I think the monochrome version is still strong and there are other shots of mine that would markedly benefit from being abstracted in this way.

What do you think? Better, worse or just different?

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