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Pickled Beetroot


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Time for a short break from my Social Networking series. While watching my blog statistics (via MyBlogLog, another of these social networking services I have been writing about) I have observed that I get a number of visitors from the Selfsufficientish site and also people searching for things like “pickling recipes”. Many of them are probably not so interested in day after day of computer-related stuff so I want to put in something different (so, welcome dear selfsufficientish or recipe-chasing visitor!).

Yesterday, I finished up the last of my pickled beetroot. The picture shows what it looked like last July; by the middle of August it was harvested and preserved in vinegar that I had boiled up with some peppercorns.

Actually, looking back at my blog, it seems that it was both pickled and largely consumed by then. What I had left was the brightly stained vinegar and peppercorn mixture, with one or two little bits of beetroot left at the bottom. A month or so back, I finished up the last of the beetroot which had been lurking in the depths; yesterday was when I used the last of the vinegar to brighten up a salad.

I think it is fair to say that I made the most of that crop of beetroot. As I think about what to plant this year, that is one of the plants that is near the top of my “essentials” list – easy to grow, colourful and also suitable for long-term preserving.

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