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The subject of Web 2.0 is one that I have written about a lot on this blog because it has occupied much of my thinking as a professional web designer for the last year or so. You can peruse those postings via the index I keep on del.icio.us, itself a prime example of what Web 2.0 is all about.

That, in a nutshell, is about shifting to a new paradigm for the web. Rather than being a place where experts put information for other people to read (and things for them to buy), the web becomes a network of information in which the user is an active participant. Information, much of it trivial on its own, is contributed to sites which aggregate it together for added value and also provide ways for that information to be automatically integrated into further sites.

Del.icio.us is one example. As an individual, it is a place where I can record all the websites I might want to return to. I can freely tag each entry, allowing me to retrieve it via a number of paths. I can also explore other sites discovered by people who’ve bookmarked the same one I have just counted as worth remembering or explore what other people have decided to mark with the tags I have also used. That makes the web a richer experience for everyone who participates.

Other Web 2.0 services I use for social networking include Last.fm and Flickr but there are many more; it has been a significant and very helpful meme, creating a new style of web that is all about interacting with other people.

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