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Presentation Slide: MySpace

MySpace is the biggest name in the current crop of “social networking” websites, with millions of pages. As a web designer who works to balance elegance and accessibility, I struggle to understand why: the site is often unreliable, the code is a spaghetti jumble and, in the hands of the user community, many of the spaces are gaudy, garish and unbearable.

However, I do have a MySpace account or, to be more accurate, I have three. Two of them were set up a while ago, for my band and the youth e:vent I have been involved in. So far, neither has shown much fruit as a form of advertising.

I have been having more success with the profile I have set up for myself (basswulf) while working on my social networking presentation; that has been more fun, especially as it has put me in touch with a couple of old friends. With the help of the Firebug extension for Firefox, I have even managed to start colouring in the profile to my own satisfaction (although, at present, it is still a work in progress.)

Why it is so popular still eludes me but I will persevere for a while longer, making a tiny corner of MySpace into my space.

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