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Worship Released Day


Participants at the Worship Released Day

Yesterday, Jane and I drove to the Methodist church in Haverhill, Suffolk to take part in an event organised by Worship Released. It was a relaxed and informal affair but provided an opportunity to catch up with some friends I’ve made via the message board, to meet some new people and to spend time in worship with all of them.

I took a few pictures and was particularly pleased with the one shown to the right. I’ve worked on it a little using the GIMP to enhance the play of light and dark but it already looked almost as if it had been painted rather than photographed. With the quality of the light streaming in through the stained glass window at the side of the stage and the way it illuminated some of our participants, I think it captures something about contemplative aspects of worship.

Click on the image to view all my pictures from the day and, if anybody else who was there uses a Flickr account and the same tags, other points of view as well.

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