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Tell Me if You’re Failing


I’m still using Rojo as my online feedreader. Generally, the experience is very good and checking my feeds is a regular habit. However, I have noticed that some of my sources sometimes go through periods of failing to update – either a failing feed or, even more frustrating, being grabbed but somehow being automatically marked as read.

While there might some anomalies that would be hard to pin down (as a web developer myself, I know about that kind of thing only too well) I do wish the system provided a bit more feedback when things aren’t working perfectly. If I had a day where nothing got updated, I’d know that there was a problem but, watching more than fifty feeds, I could do with some more clues as to how they’re all behaving; the job of the newsreader is to save me having to read them one by one.

Hopefully Rojo will sort this out soon. Otherwise it might be time to take a look and see what else is on offer!

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