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Burnt Offering


Close-up of bread

Normally I’m pleased with the way my cooking turns out but occasionally things go wrong. Yesterday I had another twist on my “Honey, I Nuked the Potatoes” story when the pide (Turkish flatbread) I was cooking ended up as a “burnt offering”.

They were almost done but a little bit pale so I decided to put them back for just a minute or so longer. I wish I’d put the timer on, even for such an insignificant period because our Spanish tutor turned up shortly afterwards, a few minutes earlier than expected and the bread went out of my mind. Out of my mind that is until about half an hour later, when Jane noticed a burning smell! They weren’t on fire but they were charred on the outside – time to turn off the oven, keep the oven doors shut and open a kitchen window.

Ah well, at least the bread inside is nicely cooked, and the crusts will help up the carbon content of my compost heap. Not one to be easily dissuaded, I thrown myself back into breadmaking full swing and we’ll see how the yogurt-enriched wholemeal tomato and thyme loaf turns out!

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