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I’ve made a couple of small tweaks to the design of the site: colouring in rather than reworking the structure. Firstly, I’ve made the blog date headings a bit more visible. Since I rarely post more than one item per day, it doesn’t make that much difference but does punctuate the vertical flow of the page.

I’ve also highlighted the blog pager at the bottom – you get ten entries a page and this helps you move through them. I’ve used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), so it was was easy to do – I can just give your browser instructions like “every time you see a new date, colour it in like this”. Because I’ve used this approach, you can also turn it all off if you don’t like it (although the details of how to do that are browser-specific).

Some features of the layout are still the same though. For example, every post has a category shown at the bottom, which allows you to filter down to just that group.

All of this is powered by the open source Blosxom engine. Thank you to those who’ve developed the system and the add-on modules I’m using; it’s a great way to inflict my musings on the wondering world!

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