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Katrina Musings


I’ve been holding off posting any musings on the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. It’s another situation where many people’s lives have been turned upside down by events set off by unusual conditions of weather and nature. I’ve wanted to post something just to express support for those who are suffering and admiration for those who are making a difference in caring for those people. However, I’m aware that it’s not been the only big bad thing to happen recently (eg. the stampede in Baghdad that left 1000 dead) and there are still plenty of difficult situations bubbling away (such as the ongoing problems in Sudan). How comes the world’s most powerful nation is caught on the horns of a natural disaster when it has enough resources at it’s disposal to boldly declare war on intangibles like terror?

I’ll take the easy way out and just hook into the meme-stream. Here are two postings that have particularly stuck in my mind out of the many I’ve read this week:

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