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Vermouth is a broad category of drinks. It can be drunk neat but is often blended with other drinks to enhance and support them as part of a cocktail. Vermouth isn’t as variable as other wines but not all of this type of drink, wine fortified a distilled spirit and flavoured with spices and herbs, are equal.

I find it a useful store cupboard ingredient both for mixing and, because the extra alcohol gives it a long shelf life even when opened, for cooking. There are a whole range of vermouths, including named brands like Cinzano and Noilly Prat. Both of those are delicious but I normally pick up the version provided by Lidl. I have to say, though, that the cheap version from Sainsbury’s (about the same price as Lidl) seems a step beyond in complexity and interest of flavour.

I’ll have to time my shopping so I pick up a replacement bottle when I need it at the end of the month, after I’ve made the most of Lidl’s monthly card scheme discounts – one of my little hacks to make the most of available offers to keep bills down. Or perhaps I need to experiment with what I can steep in the Lidl variety to enhance it?

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