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Today hasn’t felt as hot as I feared it might, although taking things at a leisurely pace, avoiding hard labour and mainly sticking to areas sheltered from direct sun have all helped. Tonight isn’t expected to get much cooler than it is right now though and tomorrow is likely to reach six or more degrees above today’s peak.

We will probably have unprecedented temperatures for the UK. I’m planning to try and get the things which need brain power done before midday and to make space for a lazy afternoon. I’ll have to follow a similar pattern on Tuesday and things should be back to just regular ‘hot’ summer days later in the week.

As well as the effect on humans, we need to pay attention to other parts of the environment too. What happens if tracts of forest give up the ghost or massive numbers of insects (including pollinators) don’t make it? Conservative leadership hopefuls and national leaders of all stripes and colours need to stop diddling around with what might make them powerful and consider how to avoid climate change running away even further… and all of us need to both send signals that we want this to happen and to make the hard choices in our own lives that pull towards this end.

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