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Actually in the Woodshed


When musicians talk about being ‘in the woodshed’ they typically mean getting their head down and practising something. I’ve done that but, today, I was literally in the woodshed – or at least in the shed with wood and power tools.

I’ve been constructing a bit of shelving to sit in my studio / office room. I’ve had plans in mind for a while but I moved out some other furniture (a tall workbench that is now in the aforementioned shed) earlier in the week and, since that reduces my storage surfaces and leaves things all over the floor, I’ve been on a push to construct something.

It’s been slow progress for three reasons. Firstly, I am not the worlds speediest woodworker. I’m sure there are people who could knock up what has taken me a day and a half in two or three hours. Secondly, I was aiming for something customised to fit the space. Thirdly, I’ve been using existing materials. In fact, one of the wins of this project has been clearing out space in the shed because it was getting a bit cluttered.

So, I’ve been slowly measuring, planning and problem solving but I’m pretty much done. I still need to make a few refinements but I’m fairly close now.

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