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We couldn’t have done this two years ago!


There were some unexpected challenges at church this morning. One of the people down to to a Bible reading had tested positive for COVID-19, the person on prayers wasn’t able to come in for other reasons and our speaker was suffering a sore throat and thought she wouldn’t make it through the sermon. What to do?

A reading is pretty easy if, like this morning’s one, it doesn’t involve any of those tricky names like Tiglath-pileser (see 2 Kings 15-16 – he isn’t the only one posing a potential shibboleth in that section!). People do spend longer crafting intercessions but, if you are practised like our service leader is, that is also fairly easy to bring together at short notice. What about the sermon though?

Our solution was to play the talk section of the service we recorded on Tuesday, which this week had the same speaker and same message. We use that as the basis of our weekly online service and so it was all sitting reading ‘in the can’. I wouldn’t want to have a video message in the live service every week but it is one of the things we can do without breaking a sweat now that would have been beyond us just a couple of years ago.

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