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Back Garden – February 2021


Looking Down on the Back Garden - February 2021
Looking Down on the Back Garden – February 2021

There has been a lot of change over the last month, all down the right hand side. The most obvious change is the skeleton of a polytunnel. We realised that the construction of this tunnel, although flimsier than the one we had in Oxford, could more easily be assembled and moved.

We’re getting a feel for exactly where we want the tunnel and what work we need do before the cover goes on. The cover gets buried in a trench down either side so I can see the areas that will take more than just easy cutting along with a spade. We’ve already taken out some of the plants and cut others low but we can target the next bit of labour and speed up the point we can cover it and start working in the enhanced microclimate.

If you look nearer the canal, you can also see the wood store I have been working on. The top section is already full of short sticks and twigs so I need to get a move on with building the next one.

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