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I’ve been after getting some old pallets to knock together a compost bin like the one we had in Oxford. It was in need of rejuvenation by the time we moved but it had lasted for the best part of a decade, filled with damp, decaying organic matter (and excellent compost) for most of that time.

My first point, following a tip, was eyeing up places on the local industrial estate and working out which ones to contact. However, these aren’t days to be turning up unannounced and so I followed up a second idea, gleaned from a YouTube video (below), of looking on Facebook Marketplace:

Where to get wood

I put in for some free pallets just outside Nottingham but that didn’t work out. The person giving them away seemed to forget that I would need the address and, as far as I can work out, put them outside where someone else walked off with them. However, the second one I tried (just round the corner in Loughborough) was much better.

I’ve now got three good pallets and a collection of miscellaneous other old lumber. Well, two good pallets and one I had to saw up a bit to fit it in, but the other bits will let me reconstruct that and, sometime soon, I’ll be able to get a solid new compost bin going.

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