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To Be Negative


Today’s lesson for Figuary was about negative space – the shapes formed by the spaces between other shapes. It can be easier to draw these negative spaces than the positive ones, because you aren’t pulled so hard into drawing what you think you see. This, in turn, can help the overall proportions, which might otherwise get lost when following, for example, up the side of a body then along an arm and back to the body.

Figuary - Day 25
Figuary – Day 25

The darker shading was done towards the end of the session, so there are some discrepancies but I do like the way it pulls the various sketches together into a whole. I was also thinking about the lessons from the past couple of days, focusing on slowing down and limiting the number of lines used to capture the poses.

Three more days to go and two more pages in my sketchbook, even with the fact I missed some days while I was away over the weekend. I won’t quite complete the whole challenge but, looking back, I think I can see some signs of development and I’m pleased with quite a few of the results.

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