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One of the things happening for me this week is that my next Open University module (TU812 – Managing Systemic Change) has started.

I’ve been impressed with the course set up – I received several books through the post last month as well as a printed study guide. Previous courses have been almost entirely online but there is still something satisfying about physical objects to represent the learning, even I’m still doing most of my reading from digital versions (easy to carry, markup and search).

An unexpected challenge is that, being from a slightly different stream, I am having to get my head around some different organisation paradigms. For the three computing modules, there was a weekly study planner with check boxes for each major learning activity. Here the study planner still has some checkboxes but works at a higher level. I’m having to turn to the study planner and read through it! My inner jury is still out on whether I prefer this but, anyway, back to the books!

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