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Back in January I decided to kick of my regular Bible reading for the year with an ambitious “New Testament in 30 Days” plan (New Thru 30) from bible.com. It went quite well for the first few days and I tore through all four gospels in little over a week, enjoying the perspective that comes from taking a wider view rather than just focusing on individual stories and teachings in isolation.

The approach also worked well for Acts but I have to admit that I became derailed when I hit the epistles. I didn’t find the full speed ahead approach worked so well when it rode roughshod over the divisions between distinct books. I’ve now dropped down to reading a book every few days and I’m just about to begin Hebrews (yes, that explains the appalling pun in the title of this post).

It won’t be long before I reach the end and then I’ll have to decide what to read next. Perhaps I’ll dip back to the Old Testament with a similar book by book approach. Something like the minor prophets, the last twelve books in the collection, would be a good place to start as they are all relatively short and then I can decide which chunk of longer books I would like to tackle next.

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