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Thunder and Lightning


I’m not sure whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that thunder and lightning didn’t appear on the scene until after The String Project finished performing on Sunday afternoon. Yes, we were playing outside at Merton Abbey Mills, albeit under a bandstand, but it would have been dramatic.

What we got instead was rain, which turned up round about halfway through our set. Still, it had been a better afternoon than I’d expected from the forecast; even more impressively, some of the audience bravely stayed watching until the end. Ah, Britain!

I think we did pretty well despite cold fingers and it was lovely to have a space to perform in where we all had room to bow without worrying about poking each other. I still managed to muck up one of my bowed passages but that was because I thought I was in the wrong place a few bars earlier and tried to adjust by ear rather than sticking to my guns and the score. All in all though, a good gig and worth making the journey for.

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