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Today’s acoustic set went very well. Unfortunately the later show on the main stage was beset by various technical difficulties, one of which was that the double bass was on the edge of (sometimes over the edge) of feedback for most of the show.

It was fairly clear this was going to be a problem; with the feed to the sound system muted, I could feel the noise of the stage vibrating through the body of the bass and so, when I took off the mute, things sometimes got unpleasant. Even just through the onstage bass amp, I suffered a bit and had that experience where certain notes demonstrated a particular tendency to go wild (F and A seemed to be the trouble spots today).

It still went okay but I think it sounded much better at last night’s rehearsal. Next time I get an opportunity like this, I think I’ll try my electric upright bass on the big stage, even if it means popping home between sets. The acoustic bass looks great but demands a more controlled environment to match that aurally.

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