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Pump Action


I am continuing to learn the art of soldering. I fear there is still a long way to go before I can even aspire to reaching the point of average skills, let alone mastery, but I am progressing. Today’s discovery was how to use my desoldering pump, which was handy for fixing some of my mistakes.

The device seems to be based on a spring with release catch. When the catch is pushed down, the plunger is rapidly withdrawn creating a vacuum in the nozzle. If held close to molten solder, that will get drawn into the nozzle clearing it away from the joint.

Using this knowledge, I’ve now got two 3.5mm jack plugs wired up to my temperature sensors and have tested them working together. That includes the one where I mixed up the ring and the tip connectors so had to switch the wires around. The next challenge is to assemble the matching sockets and connections onto a more permanent strip board, mount it in a small project box and then do some work on calibrating the two sensors.

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