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First Match


I popped round to visit a neighbour last night and ended up watching the France – Honduras game. I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it although I still don’t qualify as football nut. If you didn’t hear the result and it means anything to you, best look away now…

A few thoughts:

  • France clearly dominated the play throughout the game although, given that they probably have a much larger budget for training, perhaps this should be expected.
  • The Honduran team tried hard but appeared less disciplined. They seemed to make up for finesse with an overly aggressive style. Maybe a clean sheet should also count in the balance in this tournament of the world’s elite footballers?
  • It was good that France had at least one unequivocally brilliant goal; they deserved something that even the most ardent Honduran fant couldn’t dispute.
  • I was surprised how much some of the shots reminded me of computer football game graphics;  the games sometimes look more real than the real thing!
  • I continue to be most delighted by how computer graphics help demonstrate the tactics of the game, helping even me to understand that it is more than just chasing the ball about.

That is probably my sports related posting for the year; don’t hold your breath for much further commentary and certainly don’t wait for my notes on Wimbledon (a fine common there, I hear)…

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