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My heart bleeds for Syria, rent apart by civil war. What a tragic oxymoron, when neither side has anywhere to retreat; the civil state is torn by uncivil acts.

Should “the West” intervene? Yes, but not with military action. This isn’t some playground squabble. Any attack will almost certainly mean that people die. Even if they all happen to be dressed in uniform, they probably are not directly responsible for the recent gas attack. Furthermore, any action will only fuel further “responses”. I think we are still awaiting incontrovertible evidence that Assad’s regime did conduct the attack and we know that many of the rebels do not think of us as friends but only as potential enemies of their enemy.

There is a glimmer of hope that a deal might be reached whereby the regime will allow its chemical weapon stocks to be destroyed. Meanwhile, I hope that strength will be shown in compassion and ingenuity in finding a way in which the warring parties might be able to step back and discover a better way forward.

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